Such an interesting town with a complete town wall. It also had a huge Cathedral and a Falconry.The guided tour by Roger  from the Information Centre was excellent.

I realised today why nothing is tasting good and I why even walking around Tesco’s I couldn’t think or see anything I fancied except chocolate!

Because I am not hundred percent. In fact it’s the same symptoms as I had before I left for Las Vegas. Just hope it doesn’t develop the same way as it was a good week before I felt any good again. While I was in Las Vegas I really didn’t eat much or drink much except yucky tea and water.

Also thought this morning I about living Australia, we bought a house with an outside loo when I was pregnant. Had to walk down stairs and down a path to the loo. Anyone who has been pregnant knows what a problem that can be! I can’t remember whether there was a shower but I expect there was. My point is, there is no big deal having to go across the yard to the shower! It’s just a tad colder than Caboolture.


Got up (relatively) early this morning to go to Chester. Quickly did the animals. Both cats arrived for food this morning. Bonus!. The sheep, I suspect the young ram who is to be eaten, got into the hay so I tried to chock the lawn mower which holds the board up over the doorway. Naughty boy! I have no proof of course.

My aim was to leave at 9 and I left at about 10 past. I got to the park and ride and bought a ticket. 2 pounds! That was to get a return ride into town and park all day.

Park and ride is where you park outside the city and get a bus from there. In this case the to Chester.

Just got to the information centre in time to catch the walking tour given by a guy named Roger. Highly recommended. He’s been doing them since 2001 and obviously not for the money as there were only 3 in this tour.

The tour is not exactly as described. The guide seems to “follow his nose” but he is so informative and interesting.  For example:-

  1. Many facades within the walls look Tudor. They are in fact Victorian copies.
  2. The Rows. There are 2 streets in one. One at street level and one up some stairs. The only place in UK that this was done. There was a croft where merchants stored their good. This was below ground level. At ground level there was a shop and also a door that led behind the shop to living quarters.
  3. An Edwardian brick façade covers a wooden interior.
  4. A wall was breached because the monks were pelted with stones when they went to tend their veggy garden (n0 pic)
  5. Chester built a pigeon loft and requested that people feed them there to get them out of the town.
  6. The Cathedral was “restored” to the design of an architect as opposed to what it was like originally. There were no plans anyway so even if he had wanted to, it would still have been a guess. They have recently built a new bell tower as the old one was in danger of falling. It’s awful. PIC
  7. Some of the shops still display the mediaeval arches. I looked into a below ground coffee shop and there was an arch behind the window.
  8. A chapel which has had a multitude of uses culminating today as a SuperDrug store. The windows of the chapel can still be identified and an additional story can be seen from when it was used as a a theatre.
  9. The racecourse used to be the busiest port in the UK but the river gradually silted up and the port transferred to Liverpool


I was heading off when the couple who did the tour with me asked if I would like to join them for coffee which was really nice of them. They had a daughter in London but she lived near Hampton Court. The interesting thing was the place we had coffee, it was in Church, not in a side room but actually in the church. ST Peter’s at the Cross was the church.

Cafe in the Church

I decided to walk the wall then. It is the only wall the goes all the way around a city. I got a little way round and saw a falconry attached to the Cathedral. 3 pounds and there was a display at 1:30. I went back to have a look at the cathedral while I waited. The cathedral was huge, free entry but they wanted a donation.

The falconry display was great. There was a black American Vulture. Apparently vultures defecate on themselves to protect their legs. Their legs are actually black but they appear white. He was a bit lazy, he didn’t want to fly! There were 2 other displays from 2 other different types of birds of prey, neither of which I can remember the names of. One attacked their pary in the air and had to have a radio tracking device attached in case he ended up 50 ks away. It was possible that he could have got caught in an upper air current and have been taken away.

The other  hunted in groups which is very unusual for birds of prey. They are used to get rid of pigeons and the like where they cause problems. The falconer was a young girl.

Went to the Victoria pub for some food. I saw it on the walking tour and decide I wanted to eat there. It   was above the croft so I had to go up one level. It was pretty empty but full of character. There was a local at the bar who I would have said was my age but he was talking to someone and he was 53! The barman had been in the army and fought in Afghanistan but was not keen on talking about it.

The Victoria on the Second Level

I had an ale pie, chips and peas and really enjoyed it. I decided I would eat out to tempt my appetite. It was good!  Someone saw it and asked what it was as it looked good. He then ordered 2 and I’m sure he would have enjoyed it. On the table were sachets of vinegar! They also had tomato sauce and mustard but vinegar?

The local seemed intent on getting drunk. He had 3 whiskies while I drank my wine. Next on my list was the wall. I wanted to walk all the way round. It was quite short on the city side but on the other side it was high or very high! They built it originally by throwing the dirt up out of the trench.

The wall was interesting. It went through the town, by the castle, along the river and through some pretty boring areas. It is quite a short walk. I was told 1.5 hrs but I don’t think it is that long at all, depending upon how fast you walk of course. I didn’t enjoy the last quarter much as I desperately want to use a loo. I remembered where the guy directed us and made it there. Inside the walls is small and it is easy to find your way around.

I walked through the covered market but I was too late, they had mostly covered their goods and gone home so I decided to do the same thing. After I boarded the bus and saw the traffic I thought that I might just as well have stayed for a drink or a coffee but fortunately the traffic was only bad for about 10 mins  after which I made it home at the speed limit.

Very dark at home but I carry a baby torch which I purchased at Rosewood PO. I’ve used it a few times and it has a pocket in my bum bag.  Locked up the chooks and headed in doors to light a afire.


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