Woke up hardly able to speak again. Could even tell one of the sheep off when she trad on my toe. Fortunately, I was wearing my boots so no harm done.  The wild birds seem to like the mixed seed but I put the last lot in today so they will have to choose another option. They have plenty, they are well looked after as are all of the animals.

Messed about at home this morning. I found a prison tour at Shrewsbury so I decided to go and got myself ready and left. Managed to get there by 3 when the tour started. I used the park and ride again but there were plenty of car parks in town.

The tour was taken by an ex prison officer who had worked in different jails before ending up at Shrewsbury. Shrewsbury ended up being a VP prison, VP being “vulnerable person”. Human rights preclude them being called sex offenders but the term does include other inmates. Exercise yard is no longer allowed either, it infers that inmates are expected to exercise. I can’t remember what it’s called , something like “out in the air”.

We also saw the hanging room and he explained that the knot is put at the front to ensure that death was quick as the neck is snapped. The methods of execution was discussed and apparently it is the quickest and most humane method if done correctly.

It was a 2 hour tour and very informative. It was dark and raining when I got out so I headed home and put the chooks to bed.



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