Nice day today and I got up relatively early but still managed to leave after 10. I got to the end of the road and prepared to set my maps but I couldn’t remember the name of where I was going. I knew t was a National Trust property so I tried to find it but no joy. I went back to the house and got the name and by this time it was nearly 10:45 so I decided It was a bit late so I went to Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall instead.

It was accessed by a single lane road of which there are many around here. I have noticed that all the hedges have been trimmed too. I can’t remember one that I have passed that has not been pruned.

It was a nice day with no rain but there has been rain so it was running fast. Awesome sight. The highest single drop water fall in the UK. I went one way which brought me to the bottom of the water fall. I climbed a way up but it didn’t appear to be the way to the top.

The Falls

I went back to the start and tried again as it said on the notice that the walkway was easy to follow. This time I went the other way and found the path.  I climbed up the steep way. I find it quite easy going up but not so much going down.

Up was a zig zag track of rocks while when I came down I used the longer but safer route, all I could do on that track was slip in the mud!

Anyway, I made it to the top and it was beautiful. Clambered around the head waters for a while and sat and looked. I didn’t actually look over the edge. I tried by hanging onto a tree in a very safe place but I really don’t like looking over drops so I stepped back quickly before I froze.

The scenery around the falls was beautiful. I’m glad I was a bit late leaving and changed my mind as the day was clear so I could see for miles.

Made it down without slipping in the mud although I was pretty muddy without! I was sitting on a rock looking around at the top and an excited dog decided to jump up. He like everyone else had muddy feet!

Got back to the car and tried to set maps but I had no access. There was only one way out so I decided to get out to the village and try again. Maps was still working there on the way in. It still wouldn’t work. I didn’t have a map so I headed to Oswestry as I knew I could get home from there. I really wanted to go to an aqueduct but without a map It was difficult.

I kept stopping but it was ages before I gained internet access again. I got if for a minute or 2 and then it  went again. Eventually as I was about to give up and go home my phone decided to function correctly again. Hooray.. set the directions for the aqueduct.

The Pontcysyllte aqueduct that is. Unfortunately I couldn’t walk across as it was undergoing maintenance but good to see none the less. It is quite an impressive sight. Only one narrow boat can go though at a time but the canal leading up to it is just wide enough for 2.

I walked for a while along the canal after I had walked up to the aqueduct. It was very pleasant.

When you meet anyone around here they say “are yu right luv” I can’t write it how it’s pronounced but it is the greeting used by many people and I love it!

I got home before dark tonight and gave the chooks some scraps after they walked to the gate with me to lock it.


3 thoughts on “Pystyll Rhaeadr Waterfall and Aqueduct

  1. Visited on a beautiful day in May. Not the he easiest place to find – don’t think the Welsh Tourist Board are keen for people to see this! … but well worth seeking it out.


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