Disaster day today. I went out to feed the animals as soon as I got up and Rosie, the 13 year old sheep was lying on the ground and couldn’t get up.  I went straight back to the house to get my phone and call the vet. Boots and all. They said they would get someone out shortly.

IMG-20170202-WA0003 (2).jpeg
Two of the other sheep

I went to open the gate and shortly after the surgery rang to say they were coming. A tree had blown into the drive, presumably from the bank. IMG_20170202_090851336 (2).jpgIt wasn’t freshly cut or broken so I assume that the wind blew it off the bank. I pushed it back up and climbed up the bank to pull it away from the drive.

Well a big truck came up the lane. I thought that’s a big vehicle for a vet. Anyway, a guy came into the farm asking for the Courthouse. Obviously, I didn’t know and suggested he ask a local but I don’t think he did. The road to the place is called Courthouse Lane but I didn’t connect that when he asked. Very sus. The one time the gate has been open and someone arrives but there was no way that they would know the gate was open until they had got to the end of the lane.

Minutes later the vet arrived and tried to get poor Rosie up. Apparently lack of Ca and Mg are the primary causes of collapse for sheep but after being injected she was no better. He took bloods and said they would ring and let me know the results.

He said to keep her warm with food and water. I went to the shed and got some hay and put under her head, feet and legs but she was a bit heavy to lift to get it under her so I went next door for help which was freely given. Paddy came and helped and we decided after I had heard from the vet, if she was going to get well we would move her inside somewhere.

Well my phone obviously wasn’t working to well as I got a call saying did you get my message, which I hadn’t.  Very hard to hear but I asked whether there was any hope and she said she would check with a vet and get back to me. After about 20 mins I rang them, on the house phone. Again they had rung but no message and no ringing.

Anyway the prognosis was bad so I asked them to come and euthanize her, put her out of her misery. I rang Paddy who has a digger and he said he would bring it around and dig a hole. We just picked a place in the paddock where Paddy thought his machine would work. It was very wet and skiddy and it was only a 2 wheel drive. Anyway, Paddy managed it ok. He said it was the first time he had used it to dig a hole so he did a good job.

We each took a front leg and dragged Rosie across the paddock and P used his machine to fill the hole again. We cleaned up the excess dirt manually and put the grass back on the top. RIP Rosie.

I was absolutely filthy. For some reason I didn’t put my coat on this morning, probably because I thought I might go to town and didn’t want to get it dirty as I had washed it again. I am glad otherwise it would have needed washing again. As it was the rest of the clothes went in the wash. Very muddy around here, especially when you have been man handling sheep.

Milky, a pleasant picture for a sad post

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go out or not. I did some chores including getting another barrow of wood and washing up while I thought about it. I decided if I was going out I would go this evening, maybe go out for dinner.

I have a suspicion that this place has ghosts!  I am sure I turn all lights off when I go to bed but twice the lights have been on when I get up in the morning and last night about midnight K’s tablet started playing music. I was just sitting in the chair doing something, not sure what but I certainly hadn’t got up and started the music!

Well dinner it was at a local pub. The young barmaid was having twins and the guy by the bar had a 2 yo and 3yo, 18months apart. Amazing what you learn about people:) Dinner wasn’t crash hot but the two people I met were very friendly. I managed to drive past the tree which had once again blown into the driveway!


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