Shrewsbury again today. I only saw the prison on my last visit. Lots of churches and Tudor buildings.

All ok this morning thank goodness. I had to get a bale of hay down for the sheep so I went further into the shed than I normally do and what do I spot but a nest full of eggs. One of the chooks had decided she didn’t like laying in the nesting boxes, amongst the hay was much more pleasant.

Now what happened to my eggs!

I think some eggs had rolled under the pallet which kept the hay off the ground. There was at least one broken one under there but I decided to let the owners investigate for any more.

I decided to go to Shrewsbury again and have a look around but I also decided to get my ingrowing lashes removed. Well, I found someone to do it but they insisted that a full eye check be done as well. Over an hour later I left and there wasn’t too much daylight left. I had a walk across The English Bridge to see the Abbey and then a walk along the river. It was cold and wet so I didn’t go very far.

Abbey in the Background

There seemed to be a number of churches in the town, some next door to each other.

Shrewsbury did have a wall but now it only has a very short piece and the steps down are blocked off as they are falling apart.

Lots of Tudor houses too. Whether authentic or not I don’t know but they looked as though they were as none seemed too straight. I came across a pub built 700 years ago. The Golden Cross.

Lots of interesting buildings.

I found a bus stop so I thought I would go back to the car. I had looking for a coffee for an hour or so and there was a Costa opposite so I decided to have one before I caught the bus. One came 6 mins before it was due at 4:54 so I figured the next may be early too. It was due at 5 so the next should have been 5:20. Just as well I was out earlier because the one I caught was early too.

I had a present waiting when I got home. One of the cats had left me a mouse in the kitchen!



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