Can’t believe I am sitting here typing this with a cat on my knee as well as my computer. It’s not easy as she also keeps wanting attention! The other one, Silky, still avoids me and I only see her about once a day. Milky however, has decided that I’m her best buddy and my knee is very desirable. What is the most amazing is that I’m allowing it!

Anyway I’ve just tided up today and tried to leave everything as I found it. Wow .. I have just lied ! I assumed it was Milky but it is in fact Silky!!!!  They are both the same except for their collars. Silky has red and Milky silver. Well, that’s a turn up.

They arrived home around 4pm and I made them a coffee and then headed back to Rickmansworth around 5. I am sure that no one sticks to the speed limit on the motorways. I just go with the flow of traffic and I look down and we are doing 80mph. There are people going past on the outer lanes too, much faster that I’m going. I try and keep to around 75 but it’s amazing how quickly it creeps up.

They have lots of speed cameras where there are junctions and where they can change the speed depending upon traffic conditions but I don’t think they can worry much on the motorways. There are signs where there are speed cameras too and markings on the road.

Stopped after a couple of hours and had a coffee and a burger and got to Ricky about 9ish.

Next morning I was still procrastinated about whether I would go back to Camberwell or stay in Ricky another night. I decided to stay in Ricky as TP was working and then she had netball. Rental car was using lots of oil (yes, I actually checked it) so I took it back but they said it was fine. They just filled up the oil.

I thought I would make lasagna as TP told me it was her favourite. I hadn’t remembered that so I got into strife. I thought lamb was the favourite but I guess there is more than one! Went to Tesco to get the ingredients and also got some bigger items for TP as I had the car.

Made some sauce and then the lasagna. Made it for our dinner as well. I forgot to get some foil dishes for it but fortunately S had some. I made 3 single serves and a double to take back to Camberwell.

S & J were busy with golf stuff most of the day but we did manage a walk around the Aquadrome in the afternoon.

Lasagne went down well and there was enough left for S for the following evening.

Next day I went back to  Camberwell. S&J were  busy with a golf clinic later in the day so I left just before them. I had just go onto the M25 when I remember that I had not brought the lasagna. If only I had remembered 30 sec before I could have continued on the roundabout and gone back, As it was I had to go to the next exit and go back and get them. I wasn’t on a time limit so it wasn’t a disaster.

Unpacked when I got back and had a cuppa of course. As I had been sitting all day either in the car of on the sofa I decided to go for a walk around Ruskin Park. Got back around 5 which seemed to be drink time. TP came home around 6 and she had decided that it was a celebration because I was back so we had a bit of a chat and a drink before dinner. Lasagna went down well again. I did a salad and some garlic bread too.

FP got distracted on the way home and went to a football match. He texted to ask if we wanted to go but we decided not to.



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