Out again tonight, this time to Richmond.  Chose a pub for dinner so hopefully it’s Ok this time. There are 7 of us going to see a friend of theirs in the Million Dollar Quartet at the Richmond Theatre.

I was going to drive and go around lunch time but I received a message from TP saying she wasn’t feeling well, in fact she was feeling terrible and was coming home.

I made her a cuppa (or 3 or 4) but by 3 she still wasn’t feeling well so she decided not to go out. I um’d and ah’d and decided I would still drive although the traffic would be building up. Not a great decision as there were road works which really held me up, it added about 30 mins to the journey and by the time I got there it was just about dark and it was wet. I did get a park right outside the theatre but it cost me about 7gbp to park there until 6:30, after which it was free.

I wandered around Richmond a little while but it was cold and wet so I decided to go to pub and just hang around there until people turned up. The bar people there were decidedly unfriendly and they did not seem to know what specials they had advertised on the net.

The bar was underground. Pig’s Ear Beer Cellar. It was called a cellar bar but I expected at least some of it would be at street level but it was a dentist at street level.

FP came first followed by Chris and finally Pete. The other two had notified Pete that they couldn’t make it due to work so the 7 was whittled down to 2.

The food was OK but the Million Dollar quartet was great. More a “gig” than a play but nevertheless we learnt the story of the meeting of the 4 greats (one of which I had never heard of). Gerry Lee Lewis, Johny Cash and Elvis. Carl Perkins apparently wrote Blue Suede Shoes.

Everyone was singing along and foot tapping. The musicians were really good, one of whom was known to my fellow theatre goers which is why we were there.

The drive home was much quicker than the one to get there. We did give P a lift to the station but it was only around the corner from the theatre.  Bit of a waste of time really.


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