Beginning of Feb I drove to Peterborough to see relatives and take mum back to dad. I stayed a couple of days and then went to Kent for a week to house sit and look after a very energetic dog and a 3 legged cat with no tail.

As I left Camberwell there was a detour about 10 mins from TP’s place which took me about an hour to get around. There was one detour sign telling you you couldn’t go straight ahead and that was it, no other clues. I wanted to turn right eventually so I, and many other motorists, took the first right in the hopes of getting back on the road after the detour. That was no good as there was no way out so cars and lorries were trying to turn around and get out again.

I tried further down but it insisted I went left and maps was no help as it kept trying to take me back to the road that was closed. My nephew rang while I was trying to get out. For some reason my reply to his message had not been received and even when I arrived hours later he still hadn’t got it.

Eventually I went across Tower Bridge which I am pleased is not in the congestion charge area. I arrived in Peterborough and met my nephew. We went out and had some lunch and a chat and then we went to the crematorium to scatter mum’s ashes near dad. Apparently, they wanted 80 pounds to do that but I assume it was so they could register her as being there.

My dad and brother were just in a grassed area of the crematorium at Peterborough, no plaques, no signs, in fact nothing to even say there was anybody there.

Richard managed to get the casket open with the ashes in and we walked around to the back where Gra and dad were and just emptied the ashes out, putting mum back with dad and her son.

When my nephew’s wife came home from work we walked round to the local pub and had a drink and then ordered Chinese for their son’s and us for dinner.

I don’t really remember what it was like as I had had a wine or 2 and went to sleep almost immediately. I woke to find the others asleep so I went up to bed.

My nephew said the Chinese wasn’t as good as usual though but there were no leftovers so the boys must have liked it.

The next day I went to see another cousin in Spalding. Her husband is very sick although he keeps getting around and smiling. A and I went for a walk into town to get some haslet and pork pie from Adams. Gave us a chance to chat which I enjoyed.

One of their sons came while we were having lunch to put a booster on the internet so it worked upstairs.

He has a really nice electric car. It virtually runs itself. There is a computer embedded in the dash board which is as big as a notebook. You can set the destination and away it goes. Stops and starts as required. You just get out and leave it, which is what he did when he drove his wife’s car. He even left the keys in with the engine running. Fortunately, no one took off with it.

I went back to my nephews and they had decided to eat at home so we ordered takeaway Indian. It was OK but there didn’t seem to be much meat. I would have still been hungry if there hadn’t been naan breads.

I picked up my sister in law and she told me it was the worst time for her. What was? The night she couldn’t see. Tunnel vision. I said at least you can see.

Went to bed reasonably early and sister in law  left quite early. Her grandson had to go in the taxi with her and then run back home.


Next morning my nephew made us breakfast of the meat I brought back plus eggs and bread etc. He is the cook of the household and a good job he does too.

He left to take Ethan to karate and go to work at his paint ball site.




2 thoughts on “Peterborough

  1. Hello Jane

    Wondered where you had got to. Nice to hear your back again.

    What part of Kent that you house sat at as I lived in Biggin Hill.

    Cheers Jane

    Sent from my iPad


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