I took the car back today. It is hard to believe I had had it for a month! You have to pay for parking outside TP’s place which is 5 pounds per day but I intended to take it back before 8:30 when charges set in. I remembered I had to take it back but not the 8:30 bit!

Fortunately, a next door neighbour came for her parcel. I handed it over and said OH, not to her but I saw the traffic warden which reminded me about the time. I went and spoke to her and she said as long as I got dressed quickly then I didn’t need to pay. I had just got out of the shower and had wet hair so she must have figured I was telling the truth but she did wait until I came out before moving off.

I walked back after dropping off the car and then worked out finances. That is, I tried to work out how much I owed TP and visa versa. I use her credit card while in UK. However, a couple of weeks ago she opened an account with money I had sent over and she had given me a card. I said thanks and put it in my wallet. It is still in her name but it’s my money, big difference!

I asked her to get me some cash and she said that I could use my card. Ah good so I used it to get cash a couple of times. Then I noticed that it had visa on it but it didn’t really sink in. A couple of days later while half asleep I suddenly realised I could now be using my card to pay for stuff instead of TP’s. One has to wonder where my brain is sometimes!

It was a good plan while it lasted though, as it meant she was paying for everything. Anyway, just about complete the task except for conversions; pounds, euros, $US, $AU all mixed up.

In the evening I went into the West End to see “The Wild Party” which was very entertaining. Literally a musical about a party with all the different variants on colour, creed and sexuality. Drugs and alcohol as well of course. It was set around the 30’s I think from the dress and as the party progress and more drinks and alcohol were consumed, it got wilder. I chose it because it was the one with the cheapest tickets beside some 10 pound tickets sitting on benches. I suppose that would have stopped me sleeping which I wasn’t tempted to do during this performance.

I walked to Brixton to get the tube but I decided to bus it home as I had surpassed my 10000 steps for the day.




20170222 Wednesday 22th Feb

Took some time today to write a review for Scarlett’s where we had the rotten meat. It was hard to finish it as I didn’t have an answer for some questions but it insisted I answer. It also didn’t send you back to the nsws it required.  Had I wante to give a good review I would have given up. Finally completed it though and submitted it.

I also tried to review on Taste Card but I don’t think it accepted it.

The boiler man came to give the boiler it’s annual check up. Fortunately I had been there on a previous occasion and remembered the microwave had to come out in order to get the cover off the boiler. He seemed to do a good job as he found a couple of faults that he fixed. A split pipe and no pressure.


Sent in Scarlet’s review.

Boiler man came, his sat nav took him to the wrong end of the street. Boiler pressure said zero and a pipe was split.


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