TP’s birthday today. 33, can’t believe that she is 33 but she is. 33 years ago I gave birth to a tiny baby girl.

Breakfast at the hotel was really good. I had the vegetarian option because I’m not keen on bacon or sausage except at home and TP, although she loves both, thought she would have enough with her full English. Sausage, bacon, eggs(2), tomato, hash brown, toast.. it was a full plate full that’s for sure. My vegetarian was dominated by a 3 inch diameter mushroom and was delicious.

TP had decided that she would like to do a bike ride from Canterbury to Whitstable so she booked some bikes and off we went to Cambridge. We parked in the park and ride which quite a few cities have in the UK. Less cars in the towns and easy parking. It is usually cheap as well with regular buses. The ones I have used this trip stop around 6:30 -7:00 pm though so you can’t use them if you want to stay in town for anything.

We walked across Cambridge town centre to pick up the bikes, passing the Cathedral, Roman entrances  and other beautiful buildings. We were a bit early. The bike hire is behind a hotel so we went and sat in there until he turned up. He was on time but it took him about 10 mins to get a bike out for TP. We got the seat heights right and headed off.

Most of the way was supposed to be beside a railway line but we didn’t see any sign of a railway. TP also thought it would be flat but it wasn’t. There was a lot of traffic at the beginning so we crossed the road at a zebra crossing. There were a couple of guys on the corner  and they asked me about the cycles etc. They were amazed that we were cycling to Whitstable but it was only about 8 miles. Had to cut the conversation short as TP was on her way!

We   went through the university grounds and then a short road before we came to the off road bit. It was a really nice ride through fields and woodland until we got to Whitstable where we had to ride on cycle paths and then on roads for a short time.

We met the guy who hired the bikes to us just after we had “parked” them and he advised where we should eat. Both places were pretty expensive and anyway it was a lovely day so we  decided fish and chips on the beach would be the go. TP had chicken as she doesn’t like fish. A place had set up in a caravan and it did a roaring trade on the beach. The fish and chips were good too. The fish was enormous as was the portion of chips. More than enough to share if TP had liked fish. We found a table right on the beach and sat there and ate it.20170220_11Whitstable.JPG

To begin with it was lovely but as soon as the sun went in it was cold. We had finished by the time the sun disappeared  so we went to do a bit of window shopping. There were many interesting shops in the town, mainly for tourists like us! TP found some fairy lights which were going for 50p so I bought those for her, there were 3 sets.

Started our ride back then. We went the same way so any hills going down were now up, strange that! I still forget to change gear before I start the climb so sometimes I don’t get too far.

Tup started ridding at her own pace, even on the flat so I gave up trying to keep up.  I  stopped to take of my jacket but managed not to take helmet off. It soon gets warm when you have done a bit of peddling!

Someone was walking in the middle of the track and I called out to him but then forgot to change down to go up hill so didn’t get far. Together with the gear change my legs were getting a bit tired! The man called out that he would give me 5 out of 10 and we started chatting and  I walked up the hill chatting to  him until his wife rang him when I left him to it. His daughter lived in Melbourne for 5 years. Seems everyone has someone whose been to Australia.

Tup was waiting at the top and we set off again. We were surprised that the hill we came down seemed quite easy on the way back. We thought it was going to be bad. I think it helped that it was road as opposed to a track. Half way up I got something in my eye and  realised that my glasses were gone.  Bugger. Probably when I took my hoody off.

Only glasses though, it’s not as though I lost a limb! Just an inconvenience while I’m here as they were the ones I could keep on and see. The others I have I can’t see to drive in as they don’t have clear glass at the top.

Another guy on the same corner on the way back chatted to me.. must be something to do with the corner or the “types” the corner attracts.

We deposited our bikes and walked back across town. TP suggested we stop for a drink before heading home. I said we can go to a pub but I’m not drinking. She didn’t want to go back to Ashford to the DFO so we eventually decided to head home and hope traffic wasn’t too bad.

When we arrived home we had a cuppa with FP and then TP & I went to The Junction for a drink and some Tappas. We had nachos with all the trimmings, sour cream, avocado, salsa and chilli beef. Went down very well.

The Junction is a really cool place to go. Good food, wine not too expensive and live music with no cover charge. The other thing is that there are people of all ages there. Go there if you are in London.


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