Everyone was out today, Richard went to his Paintball site with one son while his wife went to Newcastle with the other.

I went into Peterborough for a wander around the shops but nothing appealed. I then went to check out the market but it is a permanent one so not as interesting as those that just set up on market days.

I walked back through the Cathedral grounds. Peterborough Cathedral that is. It is a magnificent building.

The town of Peterborough is not cute like some Cathedral towns. It doesn’t have a city wall and has been developed as a satellite for London as it is (usually) around an hour from Kings Cross.

It does have a beautiful corn exchange as well as the Cathedral though.

I topped for lunch on the old high street which is now a pededstrian mall. This town is where I grew up until I was 5 and it was the closest big town when my parents bought a shop in Nsassington so I know the area quite well.

I had lunch at le petit four of French onion soup, an egg roll and some chips. Very yummy

While I was drinking my coffee I checked out the bus home and saw brown dotted lines on map which I worked out were walking paths so I walked back along the river. There were a few alternate ways to go and they went from the town centre way past Orton Brimbles where I was headed. It took a couple of hours as I kept stopping to admire the view.

It was really enjoyable. I saw lots of water birds and the new spring foliage is starting to burst forth. Is is so fresh and green when spring arrives. The Nene Valley Railway runs through the area and there was a train running up and down the track blowing it’s whistle. No carriages but there were plenty of people out to watch it as it went past.


Richard rang to see where I was as I had said I would do his mums tablets. He was going to take the dog for a walk so I said he should pick me up and I would join him. After the dog had been on a lot longer run than my nephew, we headed home and he dropped me off at mums and I did tablets then walked home via shop to get stuff that Richard had forgotten.

He has a leading rein for his dog which means she can run a long way without actually being free so he stands in the middle of a meadow and Martha, the dog, runs around him.

By the time I got back to Richards, it was nearly time to pick up TP and FP so dinner was turned off. Richard was making Chilli con carne, veggy version as well as a real version.

Got the kids and had a few wines when we got home while dinner finished cooking. Well, FP didn’t but TP, Richard and I did. The chilli was very tasty and it all disappeared.

The next day disaster day yet again. Not devastating just annoying.  My nephew was looking for his phone and couldn’t find it so he thought he may have left it in the car. He went to look and he came back in with a face like thunder. Someone had broken into to his ute and taken his phone, nothing else, just the phone. He was sure he had locked the vehicle and in fact it locks itself but there was no sign of a break in.

He rang the police as the insurance company would want that and they were actually interested and were going to send out a SOCO unit (Scene of Crime Officers) which surprised us all. He had to go to work after he had finished his report to the police so the planned full English breakfast wasn’t going to happen so TP took over and cooked it.

While we were eating it a neighbough came over and, to Richards relief, they had had the same thing happen. Relief in as much that he now knew he hadn’t left it unlocked, the thieves obviously had a devise to remotely unlock cars.

Richard commandeered his son’s phone and redirected calls to that and they headed off to work.

TP didn’t feel like doing anything so in the end we walked around to the pub and had lunch.

The pub was in the old village, not the new, at least relatively new, housing estate where my nephew lived. It was really pretty with stone cottages and a nice village church. Orton Waterville.

TP chose a couple of things and then I chose the one I preferred. Somehow that turned out to be club sandwiches when I had said Caesar salad.

We walked back to home though drizzle and Richard said it was too cold and wet for bar b que so he rang his mum and told her were not having a barbque and that TP was not well.

TP cooked rump, sausage and burgers with salad and baked spuds. Well, I did the salad with all the bits there were. The whole lot was pretty good.

Really big spuds but FP managed one on his own with cheese and beans. At least 500g per spud. Must have been tasty!

Richard was surprised at TP’s cooking and I even got a compliment on my salad! All I did was chop everything up and stick it on a plate but nevertheless it was nice to be told it was enjoyable.

After dinner we played House of Thrones Monopoly. Same as normal but all different names. It was fun except that I got knocked out first. Then FP decided that he didn’t want to play any more so I took his hand. Tup got knocked out next which prompted Richard to decide we wouldn’t play any more and he declared a draw. it was a really good night and close to midnight when we finished.





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