Decided to go to S&J as  S & I were going out the next day. I left about 9:30

Bought some crusty bread and cheese as I hadn’t had breakfast and they wouldn’t be home until 1:00pm

They had soup and some crusty bread with it.

Walked around the Aquadrome. There is always something new to see there.

I made Moussaka with eggplant   and potato. I used to just use potato which is fried before putting it on the top. Should have done that with the eggplant too as it wasn’t cooked properly.  S didn’t have corn flour so I tried to make the béchamel sauce on the top but again hadn’t done that forever so forgot how to do it and made a mess. Edible but not brilliant. I also didn’t make enough so in the next attempt I did better as I made the roux from butter and flour instead of milk and flour!

The next day was my birthday and I had porridge with S & J. They have porridge every weekday morning except this morning something went wrong. John has the quantities off pat but for some reason this morning they weren’t quite right. He may have been thinking about the fact there wasn’t much milk or something as the porridge was soooo  thick. We think he put the oats in the jug twice and didn’t realise until he started cooking it.

I ate mine but S couldn’t manage hers. I was looking at something and then turned back to S and the look on her face was a picture. I should have got one!

S & I headed off to see an art exhibition in Piccadilly which was very enjoyable She treated me to a guided tour of some of them which made it more interesting and she had also given me an article previously to read about it. It was the   America after the Fall, Painting in the 1830’s  They were all painted during the depression years.

We started walking to Camden then to join TP for a tapas lunch. We got to Warren Street and decided to hop a bus for the last little way so that we weren’t late.

The tapas were delicious. We ordered for TP as she was at a course and only had ¾ hr for lunch. Broad bean dip, lamb rump, potato, roasted aubergine and olives amongst other things. We started before TP came. We thought 6 dishes would be enough but TP thought we needed another 3. It was 3 dishes for the price of 2 at lunch time.

TP rushed back to work and S and I stayed and finished our wine. S kindly paid as it was my birthday. S headed back to Ricky via bus and train while I walked to St Pancreas and got the train from there.

TP, FP and I went to the Junction for dinner. FP only stayed a little while. I didn’t take my wallet, just my credit card but luckily TP and FP had some cash although for some reason TP didn’t take all of FP’s and we only just had enough to pay. We were nearly limited to one bottle of wine and what a disaster that would have been!  Apparently the internet was down and they couldn’t take credit card. The up side was that I didn’t pay for anything.

20170228_03JunctionCamberwell (2).JPG
At The Junction

There was a jazz jamming session on which was pleasant. They were playing at a volume that allowed us to chat as well as listen.

There were a lot of people there for a Tuesday. The previous week when we went for TP’s birthday there were lots too and that was a Monday.

TP didn’t want to drink too much so we had one glass each out of the second bottle and took the rest home. We called at the Coop on the way home and bought an ice cream for dessert. FP joined us in eating one when we got home.

I had a great day. The only trouble is I now have to say I’m 64. Next year is a 5 so maybe a party is in order.

Today I did some washing, 4 lots to be precise. I also tried to find food to make for dinner on Sat but could only find a couple in TP’s New Orleans book. We are making New Orleans food for S & J. Made a shopping list for Gumbo and checked what we needed for the King Cake and Begniet…….. We don’t like fish and the majority of recipes were for fish of some sort.

I got an email from Scarlett’s during the morning. This is the place that served us “off” steak. I gave them a couple of weeks and they didn’t contact me as promised so I completed a survey which is what they were responding to. It was a very nice email, apologizing for the bad experience and offering us a 50 pound bar tab to try them again. Nice.

As we were having pancakes for dinner I went and bought brown sugar and lemons. Tried to find butter milk but no joy. As I was texting TP telling her there was no buttermilk , someone got knocked off their motor bike, a lady with child I think. I wasn’t looking just heard the child scream but it seemed that a big van was the culprit. It was probably too close. There were plenty of people rushing across to look and I expect help, so I just headed home.

The Offending Screw

When I got there I had a cuppa and decided I had better check out TP’s toilet seat. She had asked a while ago. I put the screw driver down the hole to see how far down the rest of the screw was (the head had broken off) and I punched  the  screw straight through, so that problem was solved! I thought I’d better change the other side as well but it really did not want to come out. It had been screwed into a rubber raw plug so when you tried to undo it all it did was turn inside the rubber.

We had pancakes for dinner, each cooking our own. We didn’t have them the night before on Shrove Tuesday as we went out for my birthday.

FP tried to help getting the screw out and later so did TP but with no success. Somehow we had to get the head off but we didn’t have the equipment. It certainly wasn’t going to screw out! FP tried with the hacksaw but when I checked the blade there were no teeth left so his efforts were for nothing!

TP and I decided the best thing to do was contemplate the problem over a glass of wine and FP went swimming.

During the night I was woken with banging and clattering. TP had used the toilet and forgotten that the seat was no longer attached to anything so it clattered to the floor. A little head popped around my bedroom door “sorry mumpy”.

When she did get up she forgot to wake me so she made the tea.

I downloaded my photos after having a chat to Sonny before he went to work. I still get frustrated trying to connect my camera as when you open the bottom, the battery pops out and it takes patience, of which I have little, to make it stay in so it will down load.

I then labelled them as well, wow what got into me!

Got a text from TP saying there were fish heads, or at least one, falling from the sky very close to her. She ran! She said she couldn’t see anything but some birds on the roof. Her brother commented that he didn’t think he was such a good shot!

By the time I had done all that it was after 12 so I headed down to the hardware to get new hinges and hacksaw blades which actually had teeth! The local shop at Camberwell is really helpful. He spent ages trying to find some hinges but no joy. I told him my dilemma and he said that the head would have to be hacksawed off.

I asked about a hacksaw with a handle and blade sticking out but they were $30 so I skipped that. Instead I bought a big blade and used a flannel for the handle. Worked!

My little torch which I bought at Rosewood PO and I keep in my bum bag came in handy once again. I could see that I was making progress! I managed to bend the cover flap up so that I could see that I was actually sawing the screw and not the rubbed which I thought might be happening.

Anyway, victory, I managed to cut the top off and the rusty bits together with the rubbed fell into the cavity. Hurray!

I decided I needed some exercise so I walked into Convent Garden to meet TP for dinner at Scarlett’s so that we could spend our 50 pounds.  FP decided not to go. We had a bottle of wine and some tapas and this time it was all good. I still had to remind the waiter about some tap water though.




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