Last day at TP’s and finally getting around to painting the bathroom. FP did a bit of scrapping and sanding and TP did a bit more

TP climb up and do the ceiling while I did around the window and the walls I could reach until TP came with her roller.

Looked really fresh and clean when it was done. The paint was touch dry within minutes of putting it on.

We finished the second coat around 4pm and then headed off to Ricky leaving all the plastic still covering everything in the bathroom.

We got to Farringdon OK but then there was gridlock, we couldn’t even get down the stairs onto the Met line platform. We looked at each other and decided that maybe a drink would be in order. We would have Buckley’s of getting on the train with all our cases.

We went out and saw lots of people outside the pub so we assumed that the inside was packed as well. Plan B, go to Nando’s , buy some chips

A couple of Sauces with our chips

and have a bottle of wine there. Not quite the same atmosphere as a pub but you can’t have everything. They don’t mind how long you stay as long as you eat something.

We decide that we needed desert before we left, well maybe we didn’t need one but we had one anyway.

Arrived at Ricky around 9 and had a couple of games of Scrabble which TP won which is usually what happens.

We brought beignets mix from New Orleans and also King cake so they were both on the menu. There was enough beignets mix for 24 so we decided that we should practice.

Squirrels in Ricky Garden

Well, they are supposed to be a bit like doughnuts, nice and fluffy but our first attempt was flat and crispy. Tasted OK though with the icing sugar that is scattered all over them.

I suggested that the oil might need to be hotter so we tried that for the second attempt and they were a bit better, not quite as flat as the first ones but still quite crispy.

Thirds attempt was for dessert and they actually resembled the ones we had in New Orleans a little bit but I still didn’t think the fat was hot enough and maybe if we had rolled them out a bit thicker it might have helped. Anyway, there were none left so they couldn’t have been that bad.

I did most of the prep for the gumbo while TP cooked it.


Once the base ingredients were in and cooked we split some off for FP so we could put pretend chicken in it while we had real chicken and smoked sausage in ours. It was pretty good. We ate it with rice.

FP arrived after we had prepared the gumbo and he was there to help eat the second lot of beignets. None of them lasted very long.

Last thing to be finished was the King Cake. It had been mixed and allowed to rise and the final part was to roll it out, cut it into 3 strips and plat it which TP managed quite successfully. It rose really well.

King Cake a la TP

We went for a walk then around the Aquadrome

Bit Different, Saves Building I Guess

and when we got back TP made the icing and put it on the cake and then put the coloured sugar on. It looked like the real thing.

J managed to find enough twigs for a fire so we had dinner in the dining room and then played Monopoly. The card gamer version as opposed to the board version. It’s a really good game as it is quite fast, not like the board game which can last for hours.

For my final day in London, FP had bought us a ride on an old London Red Bus with high tea so the three of us left about 10:30 to get the train. FP had got us the front seats at the top so we had excellent views and the food was tasty. The bus drove around London sights for an hour and half. There was some commentary but not consistent. We did learn that there  were 100000 people who went to Harrods every day.

We had sandwiches, frittata, bread roll, baby quiche and yummy little cakes.

The staff were young and very friendly. There was only one downside and that was one of the passengers. She kept up a constant stream of speech for the whole journey and the whole top level could hear her every word!

TP and I just headed back to Rickmansworth afterwards. We were so full. The scones jam and cream were taken home with us. The tour provided little boxes for any that we were not able to eat.

TP and I played Scrabble when we got back. I lost of course but that is not unusual.

We had Spalding sausages for dinner with 6 veg , broad beans , peas, onion, carrot, sweet potato and potato although S&J said that potato wasn’t counted as a veg. The academics have now said that you should eat 10 different veg each day!

Played monopoly and J monopolized the play, he won 5 of the 6 games. Poor TP did OK in one game but after that she couldn’t keep any property or money. It’s not much fun when that happens for 5 games!

Next day I headed home. I was up at 5:15 so I had time for a shower and a cuppa before being driven to the airport by my cousin and husband. They dropped me off and took my coat. It’s very big and not needed in Australia.

Everything went smoothly at the airport. All on time. My son let me know what gate it was but I didn’t look at my phone until I got on the plane. He let me know just after 6am and it went up on the board in the airport after 8!

I flew Etihad and both flights were on time and it was quite comfortable as there was a seat free in a set of 3. Next time I’m going to choose one in the middle 4 though as appose to on the sides as there were some there with no one or only one person.

The first leg my companion was a young lady, Julia, who was going to Melbourne as nanny. She didn’t know how long she was staying.

The young man in front was heading to Brisbane and the Casino for a wedding. He was a chef who had been working in Byron for a couple of year and met the people who were getting married. He wanted to open his own restaurant in the Byron style but wasn’t sure where.

On the second leg my companion was a young plumber going to visit his sister and maybe stay if he liked it. It was his first long haul flight and he didn’t like takeoff and landing , a bit like U Ron.

Mick was there to pick me up and take me home together with milk , tea and some fruit. I wanted to start right with the challenge that TP,FP and I had begun.

We had a chat and a cuppa before he went home. Nice to be outside without a big coat!



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